Cam Pianta is a professional photographer, designer, bmxer and dreamer. Born and raised in the beautiful rural landscapes of Benalla city, fortunate enough to journey the world, Cam has developed a sense of worldliness most 29 year olds have not yet attained. Driven by fresh modes of creativity, Cam has an exceptional skill in creating unique images that provide each concept with a distinct visual signature.

Cam was introduced to the world of design at quite a young age. Fascinated by how things work, he would take them apart and challenge himself to put it back together. This was the beginning of a life submerged in design culture.

Cam first discovered his ability and passion to capture a moment through his pursuit of BMX. As a working photographer, Cam consistently strives to set new benchmarks in modern photography. He has a remarkable gift in evoking emotion and connectedness to his clients through his images, making the experience a significant and personalised one.

A big believer in lifelong learning, his designs are constantly evolving and changing, becoming more and more innovative.

He also makes a mean guacamole.



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